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I-MAK gearbox solutions drive process efficiency and optimisation in waste management

by Tia

Given burgeoning global populations and the rapid depletion of resources, industry has a prominent role to play in protecting the environment in a bid to save the planet. A key focus area is waste which has become a precious resource that can add value through reformation, recycling and re-use. Municipalities are subsequently switching from burying and burning waste to an environmentally friendly business model of processing and value addition.

Global gearbox and drive solutions specialist, I-MAK, one of Bearing International’s (BI) premium brand offerings to Southern African mining and industry, is a pioneer in the development and supply of geared motor solutions that are widely used in domestic and industrial water treatment, recycling, and solid waste disposal applications around the world, contributing to reduced energy consumption and process optimisation.

Life cannot exist without water so it is critical that projects to address the concerning global escalation of poor water quality and hydric stress (lack of water) must be ramped up. The water and waste water treatment industry is part of this important value adding green mind-set of preservation and recycling and is steadily moving to more efficient and optimised processes.

“This is a key sector for I-MAK and the company is actively contributing to the optimisation of water treatment stations and the reduction of their impact on the environment,” notes Robert Sillis, General Manager: Product Management at BI. I-MAK designs and develops bespoke and innovative products, advanced technologies and engineering solutions for key applications from primary to secondary water treatment, in close collaboration with customers and end-users. I-MAK’s IR (Helical bevel), ADS (Aerator), YP (Parallel shaft) and M (Monobloc) series of gearboxes feature specific gear, housing and mounting position configurations to meet the requirements of various applications in water and chemical treatment plants including conveyors, sorting facilities, shredders, compactors, agitators, mixers, rotating discs, pumps and clarifiers.

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