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Kuda and SwiftVEE reinvent agriculture with tech in strategic joint venture

by Tia

Kuda, market leader in game, livestock and horse insurance in South Africa, is thrilled to announce the strategic joint venture (JV) with SwiftVEE, the largest online livestock and game trading platform in Africa.

“By striving to blend this automated flow of information with the domain knowledge of our team, we ensure we offer the right products, at the right price, to these prospective clients,” says Wéhann Smith, Kuda CEO.

SwiftVEE and Kuda have integrated the process for a participating bidder to request an insurance quote with ease during a SwiftVEE online auction (live or online).  Once the bidder has purchased a minimum of one lot, they are able to request an insurance quote from Kuda. The integration enables the information required by Kuda to be pre-populated on the request form, making it easy for the bidder to verify his/her details and select which lots to insure, from all their lots purchased during the auction.

“One of the key requirements from SwiftVEE was “ease of transaction”, which is perfectly aligned with our value proposition at Kuda,” adds Smith.  The JV was established to develop insurance products to suit the needs of SwiftVee’s clients buying game and livestock on their auction platform and offer tailored insurance products via their technology platform.

“We believe that the future is shaped by those who dare to innovate.  Kuda has shown innovation excellence within its insurance niche and we’re proud to collaborate with them to provide these services online,” confirms Russel Luck, CEO of SwiftVEE.

Traditionally, the purchase and insurance of livestock and small-stock has been an extremely manual, paper-based and cumbersome process.

“Our collaboration with Kuda will facilitate digital insurance services to meet the needs of an evolving agricultural industry that is increasingly transacting online. A further element of innovation is leveraging Kuda’s insurance services in the game and wild-life industry. SwiftVEE is one of the largest online game and wildlife trading platforms on the continent and with the assistance of Kuda, we can now provide online insurance services to this very important agricultural segment,” added Luck.

SwiftVEE reaches approximately one hundred thousand farmers in both Southern Africa and internationally. As the platform requires only participating online bidders to register accounts, the reach on the platform tends to be much higher due to many interested users able to watch our online auctions or use the platform to look at the auction results, without needing to register.

Adds Luck, “we also have a following on our Youtube channel where past auctions can be viewed.”

By joining forces with SwiftVEE, KUDA’s clients are able to tap into the wealth of knowledge available from experts in the game and livestock insurance field.  This joint venture is a significant step forward in Kuda’s journey, having diversified their offerings to cater to a broader spectrum of the agricultural community over the years, and combines the strengths of two industry leaders (SwiftVEE and Kuda) to deliver unparalleled value to their clients.

This partnership fortifies Kuda’s market position and continued efforts to drive innovation in this sector. Over the past 15 years, Kuda has built a legacy of trust and innovation in becoming a household name in insurance across South Africa. Kuda provides cover for not only horses, game and livestock markets as well as short term insurance for personal and commercial needs.

“We currently have an explainer video circulating on social media, as well as a short graphic to explain the process. To view the video, visit: https://www.facebook.com/share/v/WPagQkMGbsr6pA58/?mibextid=WC7FNe,” comments Luck.

“Our bidders have had no problem requesting quotes as the process is extremely user-friendly and instructions aren’t really needed, but as with all our other features – we will be releasing our how-to video soon,” explains Luck.  Watch this space! 

For more information, visit https://kuda.co.za or https://www.swiftvee.com/insurance.

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