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Setting Industry Standards with Advanced White-Label Brokerage Solutions

by Tia

The financial services landscape is being redefined with advanced white-labelled brokerage solutions, tailor-made for today’s competitive market. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Finalto South Africa offers distinctive solutions that empower brokers and institutions with the technology and support they need to excel.

Stanislav Bunimovich, Chief Operating Officer of Finalto Group, elaborated on the strategic advantages provided by the business’s offerings. “We’ve developed a technological infrastructure that not only supports but enhances the scalability of our clients’ operations without the prohibitive costs associated with in-house development,” said Bunimovich. 

This approach is complemented by strong partnerships with leading South African banks such as Standard Bank, FNB and Nedbank, ensuring efficient and secure fund management tailored to the needs of the African market.

Bunimovich underscored the commitment of the business to security and stringent regulatory compliance across its operations. With the launch of its ODP Liquidity Solution earlier this year, the business solidified its status as one of the few financial institutions in South Africa authorised to handle Over-the-counter Derivative Products. 

“Holding an ODP licence is a testament to our dedication to compliance and security. It ensures that all OTC transactions processed through our systems meet rigorous regulatory standards, offering peace of mind to our clients,” he remarked. 

Customisation and adaptability are central to the client service approach. Its API-driven white-label solutions are designed to integrate effortlessly with existing client systems, providing a high level of flexibility across different trading platforms and branding requirements. 

“Our platform is inherently flexible, designed to adapt to various trading environments while maintaining alignment with our clients’ brand identities through customisable interfaces and features,” Bunimovich explained.

Offerings are engineered to support diverse client needs through customisable pricing, commission and markup profiles, ensuring that each solution can be tailored to specific business requirements. 

As Finalto continues to lead with cutting-edge solutions in the brokerage sector, it remains committed to delivering secure, scalable and compliant trading infrastructures. For brokers and financial institutions looking to elevate their operational capabilities, Finalto SA is a reliable partner equipped to navigate the complexities of global financial markets.

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