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The Power of Online Trading for Women

Titilayo Oyinsan The dynamic host of Women’s Wealth, supported by CMTrading, comments:

“Inequality and limited financial literacy affect millions of women around the world. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), 65% of women have an account with a financial institution, when compared with 72% of men. Yet, a new study undertaken by the IMF has shown that if women are more included in financial services, it would immensely benefit organisations, economic growth and gender inequality. This points to the need to create spaces and opportunities for women that allow them to take control of their finances and build richer futures that benefit their careers and their lives. This Women’s Month and beyond, we should look to new ways of growing their wealth and financial independence.

“Online trading has become a powerful tool for women looking to expand their financial horizons and establish solid foundations for their futures. Here are seven great  reasons why online trading can empower women and change their financial outlook:

Solid Foundation

“Online trading allows women to explore their understanding of financial markets while growing a solid financial foundation. Following clear steps and ensuring they are aware of the risks, women can achieve financial independence and secure their future thanks to the income stream generated by online trading.

Skills Development

“Online trading is a potential revenue stream that can offer financial wellbeing and support, but it does require an investment in skills development and an understanding of the market from the outset. Seminars such as ‘Online Trading for Everyone’  offer training and insights into online trading fundamentals, how to make money in the financial market, and other highly relevant topics. Spending time developing these skills and an in-depth understanding of online trading will minimise the risks while empowering women to really benefit from this financial tool.

Flexibility for Challenging Lives

“Women take on many of the aptly named ‘invisible burden’ that comes with raising, managing households and working full-time. This makes online trading a perfect fit. It can be done within tight time constraints, and from anywhere – trading can be done anywhere with a mobile device and a connection.

Building a Nest Egg

“The financial value of online trading can be translated into a solid financial nest egg that can accumulate interest over time and provide women with a sense of wellbeing. Making informed investment decisions means women can grow their capital through intelligent investments into stocks, bonds, commodities, or forex.

Financial Acumen

“The growth of assets, the investment of funds, and the understanding of financial markets – these are all critical financial inclusion tools. Knowing how to invest, where to invest, how to trade and what different market behaviours mean thanks to spending time online trading is a powerful way to build long-term financial acumen that can benefit women throughout their lives.

Role Models and Diversity

“Women who have spent time building their financial acumen and their skill sets within this space can pass their knowledge on to others. They can also inspire others to take a step in a new direction and explore online trading for themselves. Connecting their skills to other women and communities builds opportunity for everyone and can fundamentally rewrite the gender financial inclusion narrative.

Anyone can benefit from learning how to trade online; it is a space beyond gender and society. With the right partner and a trusted platform, a life story can be re-written with a robust, stable and exciting financial future.”

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