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Atlantis: A growing green economy

by Media Xpose

Atlantis in the Western Cape has been prioritised as a Greentech hub by all three tiers of government. The scheduling of the Atlantis Special Economic Zone (SEZ) state-owned company Limited as a provincial business enterprise was approved by National Treasury on 15 December 2021. The Atlantis Special Economic Zone Company (ASEZCo) is driving sustainable development and job creation in the area by harnessing the opportunities in a growing green economy. The ASEZCo, with its Greentech theme, is a unique SEZ that speaks to the needs of investors in Greentech. It is a key element in the Western Cape Government Economic Recovery Plan and the scheduling of the company as a provincial business enterprise bodes very well for its role as a gamechanger in the renewable energy and green technology sectors of the Western Cape’s economy.

Atlantis is the ideal location from where to compete in Africa’s green technology markets. It is located within a transport corridor with easy access to two ports. It has a large manufacturing skills base, which continues to grow with the support of local and provincial government, and operational costs, especially for manufacturing businesses, are low. In addition, the City of Cape Town continues to roll out modern infrastructure throughout the area.

The company seeks to attract Greentech investors that embody the elements and ethos of green technology manufacturing and resource-efficient cleaner production. It is being positioned as the ideal destination for sustainable manufacturing for manufacturers wanting to supply their technologies to Independent Power Producers bidding on the national government renewable energy programme, the REIPPPP. Partnerships with InvestSA, Wesgro, Greencape and the City of Cape Town’s Enterprise and Investment Unit create an environment of rapid facilitation and access to opportunities. Nonfinancial incentives include single-point investment facilitation, including the Atlantis Investment Facilitation Office, and development application fast-tracking for land use applications, building plan submissions, and occupancy certificates. Financial incentives include development application fee exemptions for land-use applications and building plan submissions, a special electricity incentive for medium and large power users, and development contribution deferral/debt write-off (capped at R1m per investment).

The ASEZCo offers industrial-zoned land, strong support from government, and mutually beneficial business relationships where investors work closely with the locals and help uplift the community – this lays a solid foundation for sustainable productivity and success. Green skills development and growing technical capabilities within the Atlantis community are part of the ASEZCo’s strategic objectives.

We at the Atlantis Special Economic Zone encourage you to get in contact with us for any queries or interest in establishing your investment. Please don’t hesitate to contact Jarrod Lyons on jarrod@atlantissez.co.za or on 0871837000.

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