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CareChamp College – Moving Women’s Earnings UP, by Skilling UP

by Justin

CareChamp College, a new and accredited training institution in the heart of Cape Town, is set to revolutionise the employment landscape for young women. Focused on addressing the unemployability challenge, the college offers specialised courses in elder care and childcare/early childhood development. These courses provide local job opportunities and pave the way for potential global employment.

CareChamp College is committed to making these courses accessible to those who need it most – so they are offering a funding model where graduates repay tuition fees only when they are working and earning. Furthermore, for the first cohort, CareChamp is guaranteeing jobs upon graduation.Students also have 72 months to repay these fees at zero % interest.

“We pay the bills, whilst you get the skills,” is the mantra CareChamp wants to share with young South African women. This is truly an opportunity not to be missed: an ethical financing model that is accessible and makes women more employable and equipped to start earning.

Recent statistics underscore the difficulty women under thirty-five in South Africa face when seeking appropriate employment. In 2023, the unemployment rate in South Africa surged to 32.9%, with the youth enduring most of this hardship. The number of jobless young people (between 15 and 34 years old) climbed to 4.9 million, leading to a youth unemployment rate of 46.5% – a stark illustration of the precarious position of this age group. Further exacerbating the situation, almost 40% of black women in South Africa are out of work. They are followed by coloured women at 22.4%, Indian/Asian women at 21.1%, and white women at 10.2%.

These statistics highlight the significant difficulties young women, especially those of colour, face when searching for high-quality employment. CareChamp is determined to assist women to overcome these hurdles, by creating opportunities to learn and then earn.

Developed markets are experiencing a ‘caregiver crisis’: it is estimated that countries making up Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) will need to add 13,5 million new care workers by 2040 to maintain the current care ratio – and are recruiting from nations with a younger workforce.

CareChamp College will introduce two courses aimed at bridging this skills gap, particularly aimed at empowering female youth — Early Childhood Development Practitioner and Home-Based Carer.

“We are excited to pave the way for real work opportunities in the high-demand fields of elder and childcare through quality, accessible education,” says Claire Conroy, the head of CareChamp College.

What sets CareChamp College apart?

  • Strong Placement Support: The college’s own placement agency, CareChamp Homecare, and strategic partnerships with local and overseas workplace partners ensure students have higher chances of securing meaningful employment upon course completion.
  • Accessible Education: CareChamp College offers interest-free, ethical loans repayable over 72 months after students enter their relevant fields of work, making education worry-free.
  • Travel Subsidy and Technology: To facilitate learning, the college provides a monthly travel subsidy and leverages Google Classroom for distance learning, reducing costs and increasing flexibility.
  • Accreditation and Opportunities: As an accredited institution recognised by the Quality Council for Trade Occupations (QCTO), students gain legitimacy for their qualifications and open doors for further studies and improved job prospects nationwide and overseas.

The Early Childhood Development Practitioner course will commence in September 2023, with subsequent intakes in January 2024. The Home-Based Carer course is scheduled to kick off in January 2024.

CareChamp College plans to expand the training offering to other provinces in South Africa by mid-2024 and enable the first international placements by 2025.

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