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Countdown to Africa Energy Indaba 2023: Join the Future of Energy Today

by Media Xpose

Gain exclusive insight into first-to-market opportunities and discover game-changing business prospects in the energy sector.

Recognised as the Business Meeting of Choice for the African Energy Sector, the Africa Energy Indaba (AEI) Conference is scheduled to host its 15th instalment on March 7-9, 2023, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa.

The symposium will convene a diverse group of luminaries and high-profile speakers to discuss, debate, and identify solutions for enabling adequate energy generation across Africa. Further, the Indaba will delve into the crucial role of modern, affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy in driving economic growth, enhancing healthcare and education, and unlocking economic opportunities in both urban and rural regions. Discussions will focus on meeting the rapidly growing need for energy access in Africa over the next 25 years, including prevalent topics ranging from energy policy and government’s role to energy funding, green hydrogen, grid technologies, renewable and cleaner energy, energy storage, and energy efficiency.

In addition to the main conference, a series of valuable side events will be held to provide delegates with more in-depth knowledge and expertise in their specific areas of interest. These events include the Africa Gas Forum, IPP and PPA Conference, AFUR Annual Conference, EV International Conference and Expo, and the Energy Catalyst Side Event.

Benefits of attending:   

Gain insights from global energy leaders:

The Africa Energy Indaba provides a unique opportunity to learn from experts who will share their real-world insights on the evolving energy landscape in Africa. Our event attracts top CEOs, high-level executives, government officials, and delegates from all continents. This unrivalled combination of industry experts, project developers, financiers, energy users, and manufacturers ensures an exceptional learning experience.

Engage personally with sector specialists:

The event offers multiple opportunities for networking and collaboration with industry experts and peers. By fostering deal-making and accelerating growth in the African energy sector, attendees can connect and exchange knowledge and ideas to supercharge their businesses and careers.

Embrace the future of energy:

Stay ahead of the curve by gaining industry secret insights into the evolving landscape of the energy sector, covering areas such as disruptive business models, innovative financing, and the influence of Industry 4.0 on energy.

Expand your network:

The MarketPlace Business Networking Program connects exhibitors, speakers, and conference delegates with high-profile guests and speakers, facilitating face-to-face meetings with luminaries whom you may not otherwise have access to, in order to catalyse new businesses and projects.

Discover the latest technologies:

The conference and exhibition provide an opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in grid technologies, such as micro, mini, and off-grid solutions, as well as renewable and cleaner energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles. Learn how to successfully implement these innovations in your operations to cut costs, maximise efficiencies, improve visibility, and reduce risk.

Explore opportunities in Africa:

Gain exclusive insight into first-to-market opportunities and discover potential business prospects in the energy industry, including regional integration and the significance of African Power Pools.

Why the AEI 2023?

A strategic partnership with the African Union Development Agency enables the Africa Energy Indaba to enjoy the backing of exclusive leading energy organisations. Such partners influence the event content and send their esteemed representatives to take part at the event, setting the conference apart from those who only have the capacity to attract middle-level management.

Through the years, the AEI has established itself as a prominent global platform for showcasing the latest innovations, ideas, and solutions that have shaped the energy industry. Attending this conference presents a distinct opportunity for stakeholders in Africa’s energy sector to gain valuable insights into devising advanced solutions and business models that foster competitiveness and sustainability in projects and businesses, thus contributing to economic growth. The conference focuses on delivering practical, actionable insights and solutions that drive real world impact whilst offering unmatched potential for education, networking, and new business development, making it an indispensable event for industry professionals.

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