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DEKRA IOL: loving being local in Lephalale

by Tia
  • Making an exciting and sustainable difference

In line with the company’s stated intention of expanding its roots and ‘Vision 2028’ – offering all forms of training and skills development, and making a sustainable difference in reducing unemployment – Dekra Institute of Learning (IOL) has opened a branch in Lephalale, a busy town in Limpopo province. There is an urgent need for an accredited provider of skills programmes and industry-related full qualifications and occupational adult-based education in Lephalale (formerly Ellisras), to serve the local coal mining, agricultural, power generation and commercial sectors.

Accredited training provider

DEKRA IOL Head of Training and Consulting, Christopher Mörsner explains: “We are filling this void by offering much-needed and QCTO-accredited safety, First Aid and other occupational and skills training. Our vision is to stand out from other training service providers in the area as – over and above our QCTO-accredited courses, occupational health and safety training – DEKRA IOL is the only training provider offering business and operational training with a strongly client-centric approach. This is definitely the right time and place for us to collaborate with and support the local training industry!”

Mörsner adds: “The strategic decision to open this branch stems from our strong commitment to localising our services – and thereby addressing the specific safety and occupational training requirements of the businesses and sectors present in the town, and in the greater region. These include the mining, power generation, renewable energy, agriculture and petrochemical sectors.

Our choice of Lephalale was therefore driven by its status as a bustling regional hub where all these sectors – as well as many other commercial sector businesses – have growing requirements for a QCTO-accredited training provider with a quality approach to – and passion for – adult-based education,” he explains.

Long-term sustainability and opportunities

Mörsner adds that DEKRA Industrial will also be offering its non-destructive testing and inspection services to the same sectors which DEKRA IOL will be servicing: “We will be able to develop client relationships from an adult-based education and training – and a NDT and inspection – perspective.

The mining, power generation and other industrial sectors also have unique health and safety training challenges, due to their stringent statutory safety protocols. This allows us the opportunity f to leverage our expertise and innovative methodologies to enhance safety standards and promote a culture of safety. Our accredited health and safety awareness, and many other related courses are all aimed at promoting employee well-being and safety, underpinned by a ‘zero harm’ ethos,” he points out.

Dekra IOL also recognises the importance of community engagement and empowerment in a tight-knit regional community such as Lephalale. Through initiatives such as skills development programmes and local employment opportunities at the branch itself – and by the training and career enhancement offered – DEKRA IOL aims not only to offer the highest standards of training, but also to contribute to the socio-economic development of the local Lephalale community. This people-driven, inclusive approach reflects DEKRA IOL’s dedication to creating a sustainable impact – which extends far beyond the confines of the workplace, fostering a culture of pride, ownership and prosperity for generations to come.

New premises, energy and growth

The official premises opening and launch event took place in Lephalale on Friday 5 April, and was attended by representatives from all the key industry sectors. Following a ribbon-cutting to declare the branch officially open for business, guests were treated to a tour of the facility and refreshments.

“The rain which fell on the day of the launch represented the new life, energy and growth which we at DEKRA IOL are so keen to engender through our training. Guests at the launch showed great enthusiasm for the training and development our branch – managed by our Lephalale ‘local’ Kyle Masterson and his team – will be offering. I am pleased to report that early indications from the local industries and businesses we have met so far, are that Dekra IOL’s services will be in high demand going forward,” Mörsner concludes.

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