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Don’t let your virtual meetings in 2024 lack the personal touch

by The Meetings Company CEO Mark Kayser

by Tia

There has been a monumental shift in how we work, giving rise to the positive outcome of hybrid work. This shift has resulted in an increase in virtual meetings, offering professionals worldwide flexibility and accessibility. While the benefits of hybrid work are apparent, the drawbacks of virtual meetings, often characterised by a sense of disconnection and a lack of the personal touch, have become increasingly evident.

Virtual meetings have become a cornerstone of the way we do business. However, this transition has not been without its challenges. The Meetings Company stands at the forefront, pioneering innovative solutions to ensure that virtual meetings in 2024 don’t lack the personal touch associated with in-person interactions.

In response to these challenges, The Meetings Company is spearheading a revolution in the way businesses approach meetings. Acknowledging that the success of organisational meetings relies on more than just systems and processes, the company has introduced an innovative meeting behavioural solution.

The prevalence of virtual meetings has surged, with professionals relying on digital platforms for collaboration and decision-making. However, a staggering 71% of meetings are perceived as ineffective, highlighting an issue that extends beyond technical glitches. The negative impact of virtual meetings, including a sense of disconnection and a lack of personal touch, has become a pressing concern.

The Meetings Company’s solution seamlessly blends behavioural science with innovative technology. This unique approach addresses the often-overlooked factor of group behavioural dynamics, aiming to redefine and optimise meetings.

The company’s behavioural analytic technology, combined with advanced psychometrics, promises to contribute positively to business goals by understanding people and their meeting preferences.

This breakthrough innovation goes beyond the conventional metrics of success. Capable of generating over a billion meeting permutations for a typical session, it seeks to improve over 90% of meetings. The emphasis is not just on time and cost savings but also on cultivating a more emotionally intelligent and productive organisational culture.

It offers insights into the behavioural preferences and tendencies of meeting attendees. By understanding group preferences for key meeting dimensions – and sharing visual recommendations to optimise meeting group dynamics – the company enables organisations to save time, money, and emotional energy while fostering a more productive and engaging experience.

The effectiveness and cost of meetings often go unmeasured, but The Meetings Company now provides a simple and effective solution to optimise meetings, instilling a culture of effectiveness and driving lasting productivity for businesses. The adaptability of this solution extends across various meeting formats – whether it’s a sales pitch, team meeting, face-to-face, online, virtual, or board meeting.

Take a leap into the future of meetings in 2024, where every virtual interaction is as impactful as an in-person meeting.

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