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Driving Empowerment Through Accredited Training and Strategic Consulting

by Media Xpose

Gini Coeff Partners  provides SETA/QCTO accredited occupational based training interventions and strategic business empowerment consulting solutions. We are a 100% black owned Level One B-BBEE Contributor. Our Solutions driven approach are effective, efficient and commercially sensible. We are based in Johannesburg East, However our Operation Systems enable us to services clients across South Africa.

Gini Coeff Partners resources includes a team of competent and experienced professionals. Our business Operating Systems are designed to assure our clients attain high quality services through eliminating inefficiencies, trackable performance, process recording and reporting. Ultimately Gini Coeff Partners assert to quality operating standards aligned to subsequent independent statutory audits.


Gini Coeff Partners offers occupational based training programs that are SETA/QCTO Accredited. Through our Academy we provide multisector training programs for clients in Manufacturing, Construction, MICT, Mining, Transport and so forth. Our Skills Development initiatives includes Learnership programs, Short courses, Skills Development programs and sectorial mandatory training interventions.


Gini Coeff Partners provides strategic B-BBEE consulting solutions so our clients can enhance their market competitive edge. Our consulting methodologies are tailor-made to fit each clients’ unique business models, particularly Ownership structure. Gini Coeff Partners business consultation offerings includes a broad approach to the Empowerment Framework in fields such as Mining Charter & Social Labour Plans, Employment Equity and government tendering business conditions related economic development requirements. 


Gini Coeff Partners develops and manage a customized Empowerment Models to assist clients create their unique sector-specific industry empowerment solution. The Empowerment Model can focus on specific area such as Job Creation, Enterprise and Supplier Development Program, Employee Ownership Scheme/Trusts, Process Outsourced Workplace, Business Co-operative Entities and Youth Employment Services.


For more information relating to our Training Porgrams and B-BBEE related advisory services, please contact us at:

4 Chasewater Street

New Redruth





Contact Person:

Sifiso Mabaso (Managing Director)

084 922 2898


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