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Empowering businesses with flexible Zero Trust Network Access

by Tia

As businesses increasingly adopt zero trust network access strategies and in response to the growing demand for flexible Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions, Troye has announced the general availability of Citrix Secure Private Access On-Premises (SPA On-Prem).

The company recognises the need for a hybrid approach that allows businesses to choose between SaaS-based and on-premises solutions to align with their specific requirements, particularly in closed networks, highly regulated environments, and those with strict data privacy controls.

Troye technical director Kurt Goodall says Citrix SPA On-Prem is a customer-managed ZTNA solution designed to provide VPN-less access to internal web and SaaS applications. “This solution follows the least privilege principle, offering single sign-on (SSO), Multifactor Authentication, device posture assessment, application-level security controls, and app protection features, all while ensuring a seamless end-user experience.”

“Leveraging the existing infrastructure, the solution utilises StoreFront on-premises and Citrix Workspace app to enable secure access to web and SaaS apps within Citrix Enterprise Browser. NetScaler Gateway acts as the remote access proxy for web app sessions, enforcing multi-factor authentication and authorisation controls,” he explains.

Key use cases addressed by Citrix SPA On-Prem include secure access for employees and contractors, enabling secure access to internal web and SaaS apps from managed or unmanaged devices without the need for publishing a browser or using VPN.

It also offers comprehensive last mile Zero Trust enforcement, providing admin-configurable browser security controls for internal web and SaaS apps from managed or unmanaged devices, ensuring consistent security without publishing a browser or using VPN.

Furthermore, SPA On-Prem offers accelerated mergers and acquisitions (M&A), it facilitates user access across multiple identity providers during M&A activities, ensuring consistent security and seamless end-user access across various user groups.

Benefits of Citrix SPA On-Prem includes:

  • No changes required to existing architecture or deployments
  • Enables single sign-on, reducing dependency on traditional VPNs
  • Utilises Citrix Enterprise Browser for enhanced security controls
  • Offers contextual security controls based on user group, device, and network location

“Citrix Secure Private Access On-Premises is a major milestone in our commitment to delivering ZTNA solutions tailored to meet our customers’ evolving needs,” said Goodall. “This solution provides businesses with the flexibility to adopt a phased approach to Zero Trust Network Access while enhancing security, compliance, and overall end-user experience.”

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