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With numerous financial institutions subject to hefty penalties by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), fintech and liquidity solutions provider, Finalto South Africa has positioned itself to offer a FSCA-approved regulatory umbrella to local FSPs.

Since launching its ODP Liquidity Solution in early 2023, Finalto SA is just one of a small number of financial institutions in South Africa granted an Over-the-counter Derivative Product (ODP) licence – offering clients the peace of mind that any OTC business conducted utilising Finalto trading systems is fully regulated and compliant.   

As the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) becomes more vigilant in penalising Financial Services Providers (FSPs) for violating Financial Markets Act (FMA) 2016 restrictions, Finalto SA would like to reemphasise its position as a leader in the market-making space for South Africa. 

Since the introduction of the FMA 2016, South Africa’s financial regulator has not been shy in handing out fines for those continuing to offer derivative trading without the proper due diligence or licensing. On March 28, 2024, the FSCA issued an official warning to traders “to exercise caution when conducting financial services business” with 14 FSPs that are not licenced to provide a suite of derivative trading options to their clients.  

In light of these regulatory warnings, Finalto reaffirms its position as a fully licensed and compliant market maker, which continues to strive for reliability and excellence. 

Commenting on recent regulatory action, CEO of Finalto South Africa, Dany Mawas, notes that in light of the evolving ODP requirements in South Africa, it is imperative for FSPs to stay compliant. 

“We’ve observed recent penalties imposed by the FSCA on unauthorised OTC activities. With Finalto’s extensive experience in fintech spanning two decades, coupled with a solid reputation for credibility and trustworthiness, we are uniquely positioned to offer a FSCA-approved regulatory umbrella to any local FSP looking for peace of mind in a regulated landscape. Compliance is non-negotiable.”  

In addition to its a steadfast commitment to compliance, Finalto is privileged to be able to offer 20+ years of Fintech experience and expertise across a global spread of regulated jurisdictions. For FSPs looking for a trustworthy and sophisticated derivatives liquidity solution, Finalto remains a leading force for innovation and excellence in its financial services technology – with compliance being a cornerstone of the way it chooses to conduct its business.  

Mawas adds: “Local South African FSPs seeking a derivatives liquidity solution amidst regulatory scrutiny can find assurance in our FSCA-approved ODP liquidity solution. It’s not just about offering a solution; it’s about offering peace of mind in a regulated landscape. 

“Navigating the complexities of financial regulations demands a partner you can trust. Finalto brings not only expertise, but the assurance of FSCA approval, ensuring our clients stay ahead in a compliant manner, even in the face of evolving regulations,” he concludes.

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