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From Premonition to Reality: Ithuba Celebrates R121 Million Powerball Jackpot Winner!

by Tia

ITHUBA, the National Lottery Operator, proudly announces that the lucky winner who won the R121 Million has claimed his jackpot. Following the PowerBall Draw 1479 on the 26th of January, 2024, a winner, whose partner has attested to their luck throughout their time of being together, placed a R45 on-line bet and emerged victorious, securing a life-altering prize.


Describing the experience as a dream come true, the winner’s partner had a premonition a month prior, of them acquiring a new car and house. Jotting it down in a notebook, they didn’t anticipate that it would lead to a reality of winning a mega jackpot.


Maintaining a grounded perspective, the winner sees this victory as an opportunity to secure generational wealth and create a lasting legacy for their family. Guided by the force of attraction, that creates a positive mind-set, their journey signifies an impressive transformation from the adversities encountered during the COVID-19 period.


The winning number combination, inspired by significant dates of loved ones, unexpectedly altered their lives, making them R121,629,573.01 richer and placing them among South Africa’s esteemed multi-millionaires.


Expressing her delight, Mrs. Charmaine Mabuza, ITHUBA CEO, states: “This win embodies the dreams of the National Lottery, bringing joy, hope, and life-altering opportunities to our players. Congratulations to our newest multi-millionaire on their journey to newfound wealth.”


As ITHUBA remains steadfast in providing a responsible gaming experience, our commitment to integrity and transparency ensures that every player has an equal chance of winning, enhancing the excitement and fairness of the National Lottery.


As we celebrate these remarkable wins, ITHUBA invites all participants to continue playing and dreaming big. Who knows, the next big win could be just a ticket away! PHANDA, PUSHA, PLAY!


·         All winners above R50,000 receive free financial and trauma counselling.

·         All winnings are tax-free.

·         Players must be 18 years and older.

·         ITHUBA proudly operates the National Lottery and looks forward to many more transformative moments in the future.  

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