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Geddes Secures Funding Boost in Partnership with Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management

by Tia

Geddes  is thrilled to announce that leading South African asset manager, Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management, has provided Geddes with a funding facility to increase the size of its existing lending business within the South African SME market.  

The local SME market comprises an estimated 2.6 million micro, small and medium enterprises.

“Our values align very closely with those of Westbrooke,” says Brent Geddes, CEO and Co-Founder of Geddes. “Their flexible approach and shared vision make them an excellent partner. This collaboration will bolster our efforts in delivering vital capital to SMEs.”

Geddes offers a distinctive funding avenue: quicker than traditional banks and more comprehensive than unsecured lenders. With terms ranging from 6 months to 10 years for secured funding and an application turnaround time of just 5 days, Geddes sets the pace.

Westbrooke provides businesses with fast, flexible and value-added debt and equity solutions. Along with a depth of experience and the ability to deal with complexity, the business has a multi-decade track record as an owner and operator of assets, which positions Westbrooke to better understand the needs of entrepreneurs, with a different view on risk, providing partners with a unique advantage.

“Westbrooke is proud to partner with the Geddes  team on a funding solution that will support Geddes in their strategy to increase the provision of capital to SMEs across South Africa. We are excited by our partnership with Geddes and are looking forward to supporting their growth,” adds Westbrooke’s Brent Blankfield. 

Geddes has spent significant time investing in team structures and tech development to allow for a more streamlined SME funding process.

Brent Geddes concludes: “We are hyper focused on speed and efficiency in what we do. The Geddes ethos is to be future focused, and we prefer to look at where an SME is headed, not where they’ve come from, to assess the assistance Geddes can provide. We don’t see problems, we see potential. Every business, whether a start-up or an established company seeking growth capital, is important to us, prioritising innovative solutions and loans that empower businesses to achieve their ambitions.”

For more information on Geddes , visit www.geddescapital.co.za

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