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Love Where You Live!

by Tia

a leader in the local real estate industry and part of the Century 21 global organisation – has fittingly launched its new campaign in February, the global month of love. “Love Where You Live” is the tagline of its latest integrated marketing campaign which will be promoted online, in social media and used by its 450 estate agents across South Africa.

The campaign concept is the brainchild of Century 21 South Africa CEO Harry Nicolaides who also explains the concept of Love Where You Live.

“South Africans currently live in extraordinary challenging times which not only include economic hardships, but also emotional stresses caused by a fear of an unknown future. Even though most people around the world are also experiencing the same to a certain extent, our challenges in South Africa seem to be elevated and over an extended period of time.

Harry Nicolaides

“Considering the average citizen is somewhat powerless to effect immediate changes, we believe it’s time for us to look beyond our own challenges and remind ourselves that we do indeed live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. That, coupled with the best weather, a nation filled with a diverse range of people from different cultural backgrounds who are full of outrageously funny humour, a die hard spirit of survival and a determination to always make the best of any situation, especially when getting together for a weekend braai with friends and family and watching our sportsmen and women trounce the world.

“So we need to also start loving where we live and celebrating it – be it anywhere in the country, a particular region, a city, a suburb, a street and certainly in our own homes. It’s time to focus on the positives and Century 21 South Africa embraces this movement wholeheartedly, especially as it aligns perfectly with our efforts to help people find their dream homes,” he says.

So what is Nicolaides’ forecast for 2024 and does he have any advice for those wanting to buy or sell?

“Without sounding like a stereotypical estate agent, I believe that now is the best time to purchase a property for the simple reason that we expect interest rates to start dropping in a few months’ time. When that does happen, demand will start increasing and property prices will start rising.

“The same reasoning applies to sellers who wish to purchase elsewhere because, although currently they may not achieve their asking price, their targeted purchase elsewhere is also probably selling for a reduced price, so the net effect to them is zero.” 

And is property a good investment in South Africa in 2024?

“Yes, provided careful attention is given to the type of property, its use, the purchase price and the location. Although property purchasing is essentially an emotional decision, there are basic business principles which must be applied in order to ensure that the property will not only hold its value into the future but will grow in value.

“In this regards, professional and qualified estate agents are able to provide scientific facts and data on property and area trends coupled with live, local knowledge to mitigate bad or loss-making decisions as much as possible,” concludes Nicolaides.

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