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MotiMoves backs Cape Town Jackals in LMS India Super Series

by Tia

South Africa’s newest cricket sensation, the Cape Town Jackals, are making their debut on the international stage after securing a sponsorship contract with MotiMoves, the free online entrepreneurship programme founded by renowned entrepreneur and business maverick Zunaid Moti.

The Jackals have garnered attention as one of only two brand new South African teams invited to compete in the Last Man Stands (LMS) India Super Series. Through partnering with the popular MotiMoves name, they hope to create real value for their players while solidifying their position as contenders to watch.

As part of the deal, 10% of the sponsorship funds and the winnings will be donated to PinkDrive, the non-governmental organisation (NGO) dedicated to driving awareness and early detection of breast cancer. Meanwhile, the newly inked sponsorship contract also represents an exciting opportunity for MotiMoves to continue its mission of supporting and nurturing talent in the business, cultural, and sporting realms, noted Moti.

“Sponsoring athletes or artists who are already successful in their respective fields is often about eyeing the low-hanging fruit, or tapping into existing success,” he explained.

“But what really excites me is identifying eager and ambitious young hopefuls and giving them a leg-up. When they become tomorrow’s giants, it will be rewarding to know that we were there on the ground floor, and that we helped them to access the opportunities needed to achieve those heights.”

Kicking off in India yesterday, 4 March, the LMS Super Series represents one such key opportunity for the Jackals to make their name as the next generation of cricket stars. Founded in 2005, LMS is the world’s largest and widest-reaching amateur cricket league, which features two-hour, eight-a-side, T20 cricket games for players of all abilities.

Cape Town Jackals Team Manager Tyrone Reddy expressed his gratitude for MotiMoves’ backing. “Having the support and endorsement of MotiMoves and Zunaid Moti is a huge morale-booster for our players. We’re one of the ‘new kids on the block’ playing at the Super Series, so we’re determined to light up the tournament and hopefully even bring the trophy back to Cape Town!”

Moti wished the players every success, adding that he looked forward to seeing some hard-hitting bowling and high-flying sixes.

“It gives me great pride to know that while the Jackals play in India, MotiMoves will be represented on the pitch alongside them, every ball of the way, showing the world our support. We’re fully invested in their journey, and we’ll be cheering them on the whole way,” he concluded.

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