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New consultancy Stardust Global on a mission to make senior level marketing more accessible to all organisations

Positioning itself as an outsourced marketing department, Stardust Global aims to redefine marketing by offering chief marketing officer and manager-level consultants to scaling companies

by Tia

Stardust Global, a consultancy aimed at small, medium and scaling companies, has opened in Johannesburg, offering executive marketing management services to organisations across South Africa, the United Kingdom and other parts of the globe. The company provides outsourced marketing to organisations that require senior-level strategy and execution but currently lack the internal capability to achieve this.

“Many smaller organisations don’t have access to strategic marketing at a senior level. They either can’t afford to hire internal resources or they’re not at the stage in their growth journey to require a full time executive hire,” says Brigitta Long, founder and CEO of Stardust Global.

“These companies often land up hiring inexperienced staff who don’t have the knowledge or skills to build a proper strategy that aligns with business objectives. Alternatively they look to marketing agencies for more senior resources, but these teams don’t have the bandwidth to become fully entrenched in the organisation or truly understand its business goals. I saw a gap in the market to offer a network of highly skilled, experienced consultants who sit neatly between these two worlds. Our aim is to build strong brands through creative strategy and execution, while generating high quality leads for the business.”

Clients already making use of Stardust Global’s services, such as Zevoli Growth Partners, Africa People Advisory Group, and Edge Growth were among the attendees of the company’s launch event in Johannesburg, on 8 November 2023. Mpopi Khupe, Managing Director of Zevoli Growth Partners, shared her experiences of how Stardust Global is pushing the boundaries of business strategy by giving marketing a seat at the boardroom table. 

Khupe said at the launch: “Brigitta has shown us how to multiply and amplify our impact by transforming our business into a marketing-led organisation. Within less than a year, we exceeded our mid-term business growth goals.”

“My mindset towards marketing has completely changed because of the success we’ve had working with Stardust Global. Honestly, marketing has become the budget line item I’m happiest to spend because it creates immediate and tangible value for our business.”

Stardust Global is headquartered in Johannesburg with a footprint in the UK. Its network capability enables it to service organisations across Europe and APAC. The organisation brings together best-in-class independent marketing consultants who are ready to support CEOs and other business leaders looking for executive strategic thinking, fast implementation, and assistance in sourcing and managing relevant suppliers.

Extending Stardust Global’s reach across the UK and Europe, Bjorn Annegarn represents the company in these markets. “The power behind a global network of executive consultants is that we bring together cutting-edge marketing practices across all industries and can provide expertise that is just right for each client’s needs,” says Annegarn.       

Stardust Global’s outsourced, integrated marketing services include:

  • Monitoring industry trends, researching competitor’s activities, developing market insights
  • Developing marketing, content, and communications strategies
  • Overseeing all marketing, advertising, and PR activities
  • Managing digital, event,  PR, and other marketing agencies
  • Measuring and reporting marketing campaign performance, assessing ROI, and
  • Supporting the implementation of innovative growth strategies.

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