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Ocean Basket Eases the Squeeze with ‘real Double-Up’ Calamari Campaign – DOUBLE THE VALUE, DOUBLE THE TREAT for seafood lovers this june

by Media Xpose

JOHANNESBURG, 14 JUNE 2023 – Demonstrating its heartfelt commitment to South Africans feeling the pinch, Ocean Basket launches its ‘Calamari Real Double-Up’ campaign this week to uplift spirits, fill plates and offer consumers a slice of normality in these challenging times.

From 14th to 23rd June 2023, guests who order a calamari main will be served double the portion, at no extra cost, reinforcing Ocean Basket’s pledge to deliver top-quality seafood at affordable prices.

“It’s our way of saying, ‘let’s help make your lunch or dinner out with friends or family happen’,” says Grace Harding, Group CEO of Ocean Basket.  “We want to lift the spirits of our patrons and staff. Our teams are at their happiest when their restaurants are full, kitchens buzzing, and they’re serving you. And for our guests, it’s a moment of relief – a lekker meal that delivers on quality, variety, and value.”

Loved by South Africans for their commitment to quality, affordable seafood, Ocean Basket is leveraging its sourcing to provide premium Patagonian calamari at an unmatched price. The ‘Calamari Real Double-Up’ campaign reflects Ocean Basket’s ongoing commitment to doing the right thing by their guests.

“Understanding the current economic pressures on consumers, we’ve decided to use our sourcing at scale to deliver an affordable, delicious seafood experience . Our message is clear – ‘We’ll double your calamari for the same price’, offering an experience of generosity, top-quality seafood, and value for money,” Harding adds.

Ocean Basket’s ethos of generosity, inclusivity, and no-fuss, quality seafood dining dates back to its founding in 1995.

“Our founders saw a gap for affordable, delicious seafood and filled it. This approach has kept us thriving since our humble beginnings in Pretoria, South Africa, through our expansion into markets such as Cyprus, the UAE, and most recently the United Kingdom,” Harding says.

Through the years, Ocean Basket has continued to uphold its enduring mantra of affordable, delicious, and quality seafood that won’t break the bank. The ‘Calamari Real Double-Up’ campaign is the next chapter in our mission to make everyone feel special and welcomed, delivering not only delicious meals but also memorable dining experiences.

“We are excited to invite our guests to enjoy the ‘Calamari Real Double-Up’ campaign. When your meal arrives in a hot Ocean Basket pan, know that we have doubled our efforts to uplift your spirits, fill your plate, and deliver the treat you and your loved ones deserve,” Harding concludes.

For more information, please visit www.oceanbasket.com.

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