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OSTI commemorates 100 years of women in law.

by Media Xpose

10 April 2023 marked 100 years since women were first admitted to the legal profession. In a century, women have progressed significantly; from law student to professor to dean, from candidate attorney to lead partner, and from pupil to senior counsel and to judge. The advancements made in women’s rights have yielded talented and prolific women who have become leaders and decision-makers, and not only in the legal sector. This wealth of talent has benefitted many, including the Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance (OSTI). The company has invested in the development and mentorship of women and encouraged many to seek growth and greater opportunities.

OSTI supports the 100+ campaign in honouring women who have used their legal qualification to excel in many fields. This initiative is a campaign to activate participation from various institutions where women lawyers feature. The campaign reflects the depth and diversity of the parts played by women lawyers in many fields since their first admission as lawyers 100 years ago. A multitude of sectors have been invited to join the campaign; from law schools and universities, professional societies and associations, law firms, magistrates and judges, to regulators, government lawyers, corporate lawyers, and civil society groups. A rich diversity of roles in law marks this century of female development. 

Edite Teixeira-McKinon, CEO of OSTI, shared, “It is great to see the growth and accomplishments that women have been able to make in the legal space, especially in the past 100 years. This is very encouraging for a company like ours which has a workforce of 80% women. I am particularly proud of the calibre of work and professionalism these women bring to the table; they rise to the challenge and exceed expectations.”

The 100+ campaign not only celebrates these achievements but will help to nurture a new generation of women lawyers. The campaign aims to celebrate how far women have come, acknowledges the diverse paths taken by women in law, and, by bringing awareness, will accelerate women’s progress in law.

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