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Revolutionising the role of solution providers for client-centric tech solutions

by Media Xpose

Argantic, a new age solution provider, is changing the game by redefining the role of professional solution providers in the technology industry. With a mission to understand and cater to the unique needs of their clients, the company is focused on delivering multi-disciplinary solutions that prioritise client satisfaction and wellbeing.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the roles of service providers, customers, and vendors are vastly different. Traditional service providers have re-emerged as key players in the technology landscape, and Argantic is leading the charge by putting clients first.

Unlike vendors who are solely driven by their own agenda and profit margins, the company believes in understanding their client’s strategies, strengths, and challenges to provide solutions that truly meet their needs.

“We are a client-centric solution provider,” says Argantic CEO Garry Ackerman. “Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We take the time to understand their environment, industry-specific requirements, and long-term goals, so we can offer them the best solutions that align with their unique needs.”

Argantic’s approach is rooted in being small enough to care for clients, yet knowledgeable and skilled enough to provide multi-disciplinary solutions. They do not believe in being dedicated to any single vendor, as the days of single vendor alliances are long gone. Instead, the company carefully evaluates and recommends products that are best for their clients, without being influenced by vendor agendas.

In addition to offering vendor-agnostic solutions, it recognises the complexities of license management and the potential costs associated with mismanagement. Therefore, they go the extra mile by providing vendor license management services to ensure that their clients are protected from any exploitation and unnecessary expenses.

“We believe in transparency and trust,” says Ackerman. “Our clients rely on us to navigate the complexities of technology acquisitions, and we take that responsibility seriously. We provide cost-effective software upgrade paths and develop apps to safeguard our clients from licensing traps.”

Argantic’s commitment to client-centricity sets them apart from traditional vendors who are solely focused on selling licenses and products without truly understanding the needs of their partners. The company emphasises that vendors are not partner-centric as they claim to be, and instead, they are out to drive their own agenda.

Their key strategy is to interact with end users directly so they can control the narrative – almost always primarily to the vendors’ benefit.

Ackerman says they have realised a part of their role is to protect their customers from the ever-increasing risks that vendors have subtly pushed onto partners and customers. “Although we have strong partnerships with a number of vendors, our clients can trust that we are not aligned with any specific vendor – our sole focus is on what they need. We offer industry-specific and client-specific solutions that add value to their business and protect them from vendor exploitation.”

“With the evolution of cloud, vendors have slowly over time modified their terms and conditions to reduce their own risks. Argantic is awake to these movements and have aligned our offerings to make sure customers can effectively opt-out of prohibitive elements or find alternatives,” he explains.

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, Argantic is leading the way in redefining the role of solution providers by putting clients at the forefront. With their multi-disciplinary skills, commitment to vendor-agnostic solutions, and focus on client satisfaction, the company is empowering clients to achieve their technology goals while safeguarding their interests.

The evolution of the cloud business offering has resulted in vendors shifting risks onto partners and customers, while also reducing margins and incentives for them. This has led to lower margins but higher volume world that suits vendors, but can be detrimental to the boutique and focused approach that Argantic has adopted.

Ackerman says there is a need to protect customers from short-term subscription discounts and ensure that their strategies and focus are aligned with the products being sold. “The partner’s role has evolved to include risk mitigation due to the fast-paced nature of the cloud industry, and it is crucial to prioritise the customer’s needs and interests amidst the changing landscape.”

“While it is natural for the cloud industry to evolve, partners must remain aware of the risks and ensure that they are accountable for the solutions they provide to customers,” he concludes.

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