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SANEDI talks energy at its first annual conference

by Tia

Energy. Electricity. Power. Regardless of the term they use, how to keep the lights on and the economy going is the question uppermost in many South Africans’ minds, from policy and decision makers to ordinary citizens.

On 21 and 22 November this year, the South African National Energy Institute (SANEDI) will endeavour to answer questions and unpack issues around the country’s current energy crisis and its prospects for a more stable and sustainable energy future. The occasion is SANEDI’s First Energy Conference, under the theme, Inform and Increase Awareness on Energy Solutions – Showcasing Government Initiatives in the Energy Sector.

Set to become an annual event, the conference is an important vehicle for SANEDI to achieve its strategic objectives. These include contributing to sustainable energy solutions, building energy expertise and competence, creating a capacitated, effective, efficient, and sustainable operational environment, and increasing awareness of sustainable energy.

“Our theme, Inform and Increase Awareness on Energy Solutions – Showcasing Government Initiatives in the Energy Sector encapsulates what we hope to achieve with this event,” says Dr Titus Mathe, CEO of SANEDI. “Our principal objective is to engage robustly and address pivotal matters pertaining to the energy sector. Additionally, we intend to showcase the initiatives and projects presently being undertaken by SANEDI and others to advance energy development in our nation.”

The programme features energy expert Prof Prathaban Moodley ‘s keynote address on “Cleaner Fossil Fuels” and its impact on South Africa’s Just Energy Transition. Further topics will include Energy Efficiency project knowledge, such as the EE Standards and Labelling Project and its benefits to all South Africans.

Both days of the conference include panel discussions on, among other topics, the Just Energy Transition, demand side management, and funding mechanisms for energy research. Further energy best practices and issues will consist of South Africa’s hydrogen roadmap, smart grids, and the role of data and knowledge management in improving the energy efficiency of buildings by various speakers.

“We are honoured and excited that energy experts from South African Utilities and research entities have agreed to speak at the conference,” says Dr. Mathe.

The SANEDI Energy Conference will be held at Emperors Palace.

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