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Ten ways to boost your business & drive change with Learnerships and Bursaries at Red & Yellow

by Tia

Fostering skills and empowering talent in organisations has become more crucial than ever. Are you partnering with the right institution to achieve your goals and make a real difference?

Red & Yellow, with our expertise in education and industry partnerships, provides two ways to empower businesses to create tangible impact – through Bursaries and custom Learnership programmes. Here are ten ways you’ll benefit when it comes to your organisation and driving social change for good.

Red & Yellow Learnerships are designed to drive change within organisations. Each is tailored to your business’s goals and allows you to unlock the following benefits:

  1. Preferential access to SETA funding:

Benefit from discretionary funding via our Learnerships, courtesy of the Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA). This funding facilitates robust skills development initiatives within your organisation.

  1. Enhanced B-BBEE skills development recognition:

Our Learnerships earn you substantial recognition in skills development for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) compliance, contributing significantly to South Africa’s transformation agenda.

  1. Integration of learners’ salaries into skills development spend:
    We acknowledge the financial investment required to nurture talent. Hence, our Learnerships allow you to include learners’ salaries in your skills development expenditure, optimising costs.
  1. Bonus B-BBEE points by absorbing students:

Absorbing Learnership students not only offers them valuable work experience but also earns your organisation bonus B-BBEE points, bolstering your rating and fostering a skilled workforce.

  1. Diverse talent pipelines for sustained transformation:
    Our Learnerships aid in building diverse talent pipelines critical for transformation and ensuring your organisation’s longevity. Equipped with requisite skills, our learners drive innovation and adaptability in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Red & Yellow Bursaries present a chance to impact lives, give opportunities to deserving students, and contribute to the creative and business sectors. Partnering with us through Bursaries offers these advantages:

  1. Training for talented students:
    Sponsoring a Red & Yellow Bursary supports the training and development of exceptional students passionate about creative and business careers, shaping the future of these industries.
  1. Meaningful impact on lives and career goals:
    Your Bursary contribution transcends financial aid, creating avenues for students to pursue higher education, unleash their potential, and realise their career dreams.
  1. Enhanced brand visibility as a socially responsible organisation:
    Backing Red & Yellow Bursaries positions your organisation as socially responsible, investing in the future workforce of South Africa. This fosters a positive brand image and cultivates customer loyalty.
  1. Collaboration with an industry-leading institution:

Partnering with Red & Yellow means collaborating with Africa’s leading Creative School of Business, known for our industry relevance, expert faculty, and robust industry ties. Leverage our expertise and network to advance your organisational goals.

  1. Contribution to diversity and transformation:
    By sponsoring Bursaries, you actively contribute to diversity and transformation in the creative and business sectors, empowering students from underrepresented backgrounds and fostering inclusivity in the workforce.

To explore how Red & Yellow can drive your company’s growth and transformation through Learnerships and Bursaries, contact us today

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