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The business case for Umbraco cDXP

by Media Xpose

by Bluegrass Digital CEO Nick Durrant

If you’re in the content business, you’ll know that we love an acronym. From SEO, DXP and CRM to SERP, CDN and CMS – all have their place in a content marketer and advertiser’s arsenal. Much of the growth and change in this space is driven by a desire to deliver superior digital customer experiences and streamline digital business processes.

As such, I believe that the acronym that everyone should be watching is DXP or digital experience platform (DXP). Meeting the need for features that are more advanced than those offered by a traditional CMS, a DXP makes it possible to connect a range of different touch points throughout the customer journey, which enables you to offer customers a better experience.

From DXP to cDXP

But before I stop there, remember how I said we love an acronym? Well, taking the  DXP up a notch, a composable DXP – or cDXP – makes it possible to bring together “best-of-breed” solutions so that you can manage different content and campaigns in a central hub and connect with customers in new and smarter ways.

More than a fully-fledged traditional DXP and built on the idea of modularity, a composable DXP ensures that you aren’t limited to what a CMS vendor alone has to offer. For years, Umbraco has embraced a “best-of-breed” strategy, allowing their customers to choose the most successful digital tools and making it viable for these to work together via APIs. This delivers greater flexibly and allows their users to create highly customized digital experiences. Umbraco’s composable DXP

makes integrations simpler, easier and more intuitive.

According to Jesper Lyngbye, VP for tech partnerships at Umbraco HQ, this approach seeks to offer customers more opportunities to connect Umbraco to relevant software by providing as many relevant integrations as possible. This gives us, as Bluegrass Digital, the freedom to use our favourite tools together with Umbraco.

Here are a few reasons why we love Umbraco.

  • Umbraco provides developers with a secure and powerful foundation without any restrictions or unnecessary code so you’re able to configure the website the way you want, with no limitations.
  • It’s simple to add third party tools or even your own legacy systems to a project using Umbraco’s well-documented and easy-to-use open APIs.
  • Leverage the tech stack you prefer with no vendor lock-in and, as an added bonus, you’re only paying for the tools you use.
  • Umbraco’s editor-friendly interface makes it easy for developers to tweak things and add features that suit their specific needs and workflows.
  • This composable DXP is customer-centric so it doesn’t force customers into predefined journeys. This enables you to make better use of customer data and deliver excellent customer experiences.
  • Using a composable DXP is faster; for many reasons. Because developers can use frameworks they’re comfortable using, it’s quicker to implement and build their setup. This reduces development time and also minimises the need for any aditional training.

We believe that Umbraco provides the ultimate CMS for composable DXP; offering the freedom to design the digital experience platform we want and need. We use Umbraco to build apps and websites with the solutions best suited to the job. In fact, we’re so keen on this solution that we recently became the only Umbraco Gold Partner in Africa.

To find out more about Umbraco and how we use their composable cDXP to transform how we publish content, contact us https://www.bluegrassdigital.com/contact/

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