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The Power of Localised Marketing in a Community-Centric Country

by Media Xpose

Gatvol of brands talking at you and not to you? Simon Hill, Head of Marketing at The Courier Guy, unpacks the importance of localised marketing and how it has benefited their brand.

With 46% of all Google searches looking for local information, 4 in 5 consumers wanting ads customised to their area and a whopping 89% of people searching for a local business on their smartphone at least once a week, it’s no surprise that brands who are not localising their marketing efforts may face challenges in securing their market share.

South Africa’s unparalleled landscape, characterised by its breath-taking diversity, sets it apart from the rest of the world. Boasting 11 official languages, a rich tapestry of cultures, and a multifaceted economic heritage, our nation stands as a testament to the extraordinary complexity of our country – and marketing to our people needs to reflect that.

Recognising the vibrant sense of humour of Mzansi, The Courier Guy, a prominent name in the courier and logistics industry, is making waves with their innovative approach to localised marketing. Simon Hill, Head of Marketing at The Courier Guy, shares insights into the company’s successful campaigns in the past year, emphasising the importance of creating relatable content for the South African market.

The Courier Guy’s marketing campaigns from 2022 to 2023 have been nothing short of remarkable. The company has consistently created content that resonates with the South African audience.

Leon Schuster

In a genius collaboration, The Courier Guy recently partnered with Leon Schuster on his ‘Hier Kom die Bokke” song that he made famous during the 1995 World Cup. Ahead of the Rugby World Cup 2023, The Courier Guy’s play on ‘Hier Kom die Bokse’ amassed just under 1,000,000 views on YouTube and over 3 million views on TikTok in under three weeks. Simon Hill, Marketing Manager at The Courier Guy, says: “We wanted to have a bit of fun and tap into the gees and vibe in the country at the time; and the fact that we could do that in a way which stays true to our core values and offering made it even more special.”

Training Facility

In a stroke of witty genius, and following the viral cash-in transit video featuring Leo Prinsloo in 2021, The Courier Guy partnered with the South African legend in their series called ‘Training Facility”. A prime example of newsjacking and creating relatable marketing assets that appeal to South Africans in real-time. The ad focused around ensuring that all drivers were fully trained for South African conditions, providing hilarious self-defence tips including ‘Brakpan-Hand’ and a ‘PK’, the video amassed more than 9,121,666 in viewership via flighting on Mzansi Magic, kynNET, Supersport Premier League, M-Net, Supersport Rugy and Supersport Golf.

In today’s digital age, The Courier Guy’s marketing efforts and their virality has meant the brand has reached audiences worldwide. The Leo Prinsloo and Leon Schuster campaigns are prime examples of content that transcended borders through word-of-mouth sharing on the messaging platform, uniting South Africans from across the globe in humour. “Our marketing – whether it’s radio, TV or social – is ‘real’ and unpretentious. Whilst we take the job of handling your packages seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like to poke fun and laugh. And this, we find, really resonates with South Africans.”

Further to their campaigns, positive reactions to the customer service of The Courier Guy has strengthened their market sentiment across platforms. One such example, is the heart-warming video featuring little “Pey” (3) and her favourite The Courier Guy driver, Mfundo, in Durban. This short clip has been viewed over a million times on The Courier Guy’s Facebook page alone, highlighting the genuine affection customers have for the company’s drivers.

Community Integration and Sponsorships

In addition to their marketing prowess, The Courier Guy is deeply involved in the communities they serve. Hill mentions, “We also sponsor multiple school sports teams and events around the country – like, a lot; too many to mention. It’s a massive part of how we integrate into the communities where we have a presence.”

Furthermore, The Courier Guy proudly sponsors the Sunshine Tour Order of Merit, awarding the top professional golfer on the Sunshine Tour with R500k at the season-ending Tour Championship at Serengeti Estates.

The results show that marketing to South Africans in a way that relates to them garners incredible reach and reputation amplification for brands and should be a priority for all brands entering and existing in South Africa.

Backing it All Up

The great marketing would mean very little were it not supported by excellent service – something The Courier Guy is renowned for.  “Everything has to ‘hold hands’ and work together. When someone watches your ad and is then blown away by the experience of doing business with you that’s the real win,” says Hill.

For more information about The Courier Guy, please visit www.thecourierguy.co.za

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