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Traders are perpetually intent on enhancing their trading skills, honing their risk management capabilities and gaining deeper insight into markets. That’s why, when Markets.com, a multi-award-winning and highly regulated online trading broker, launched marketsClub three months ago, it immediately began to attract members. 

Since January this year, the complimentary trading academy has grown to a thriving community of more than 1,400 members. 

Harnessing its 15-plus years of experience in CFDs on Forex, Share, Commodity, ETFs, Cryptocurrency, Indices and Bonds, the initiative by Market.com is aimed at helping members develop practical trading skills, including an in-depth understanding of advanced risk management techniques.

Members of marketsClub gain immediate access to an extensive range of resources free of charge. This includes daily live courses; over 35 videos covering a diverse range of trading topics from “What is trading?” to “Developing a trading strategy”; a set of five books; one-on-one sessions; daily market updates; and group workshops. Additionally, marketsClub provides weekly mentorship sessions where members can interact with each other and learn from more experienced traders.

Dany Mawas, CEO of Markets.com Africa says Markets.com is thrilled by the incredible success of the Club. “It aligns with our mission to equip trading enthusiasts with invaluable skills and guide them towards financial literacy and paving a path to financial freedom. Our goal is to empower traders with practical knowledge, giving them a distinct edge in the financial markets as they complete their courses.”

Ruan Landsberg, Head of Education at Markets.com Africa, says marketsClub is dedicated to empowering its members with the skills to think and trade with precision. “By cultivating this mindset, traders can confidently navigate markets effectively and make informed decisions. Whether you’re new to trading or a seasoned trader, our objective is to help you build the right skills as you aim for profitability. All it takes is a free sign-up.”

The remarkable success of marketsClub since its launch three months ago speaks volumes about Markets.com’s distinctive approach. Unlike other finance courses that offer cookie-cutter instructions, marketsClub’s training team focuses on nurturing traders to develop personalised styles that align with their investment strategies and risk profiles.

To become a member of marketsClub, simply complete a quick, free sign-up by visiting


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