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Unitrans celebrates 2023 Top Employer Certification

by Media Xpose

Unitrans has been certified as a “Top Employer” in South Africa by the Top Employers Institute (TEI). Unitrans offers market-leading integrated operational services and solutions across multiple sectors, including mining, petrochemical, and food and consumer logistics. Unitrans joins 2053 companies in 121 countries globally who have been recognised for their efforts in various facets of employee management.

The prestigious Top Employer certification reaffirms Unitrans’ dedication to create a working environment oriented to the needs and well-being of its employees. “We strive to ensure that each of our employees is seen, heard, appreciated and understood. It is very much a part of our ethos and culture as a company,” says Terry Bantock, CEO of Unitrans. “At Unitrans, we believe in the power of doing. Being recognised for our continuous investment in our people is a tremendous honour”.

The Top Employers Institute (TEI) is the global authority on recognising excellence in Human Resources (‘HR’) strategy and people practices. For the past 30 years, TEI has given annual award certification to companies with outstanding culture, work environments, benefits and opportunities for their people. The Institute certifies organisations based on the results of its HR Best Practices Survey, which requires participating companies to undergo a rigorous assessment process. This survey covers six human resource domains consisting of 20 topics, such as People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Well-being and Diversity & Inclusion and more.

Participating companies undergo a rigorous assessment process that includes extensive reviews of employer practices, as well as an independent external audit. To become a Top Employer, companies are evaluated according to strict entry criteria and must complete a stringent research process – meeting or surpassing the required high standard to achieve the certification.

This certification not only validates that we have solid people practices in place, it also provides Unitrans with a benchmark against other leading employers to ensure that we attract the best people and retain our valued talent,” says Bantock. “We believe this certification shows our commitment to continuing to put our people first, and the feedback provided by the HR auditors at the Institute allows us to further improve our policies and practices”.

TEI CEO David Plink commented, “Exceptional times bring out the best in people and organisations. We have witnessed this in our Top Employers Certification Programme this year: exceptional performance from the certified Top Employers 2023. These employers have always shown that they care for the development and well-being of their people. By doing so, they collectively enrich the world of work.”

The shortage of skilled talent has been one of the biggest challenges facing employers globally, a situation exacerbated by the global Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.  With skill shortages forecasted to grow because of demographic developments and an increased need for knowledgeable workers, employer recognition is critical for talent attraction and retention.

Bantock sees people as Unitrans’ most important asset. “Our people play a crucial role in our business. We are constantly striving to build a better workplace where employees are supported and empowered to develop and grow,” he added. Certification recognises Unitrans’ commitment to constant investment in the development of people activities and the optimisation of HR policies in a business, with an emphasis on employee wellness at all times.

“People determine a company’s success. To be awarded this certification, reinforces our commitment to provide a safe work environment that provides ongoing opportunities for our people to grow and be the change,” concluded Bantock, “and we are very proud of this achievement.”

Terry Bantock, CEO of Unitrans

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