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Xperien paves the way for a secure and sustainable start to 2024

Addressing data risks and opportunities in IT Asset Disposal

by Tia

As businesses gear up for the new year, Xperien, a leading local IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) specialist, urges companies to initiate the year with a comprehensive approach to data destruction and asset disposal.

Throughout the year, companies inadvertently accumulate used, faulty, and obsolete equipment, creating a potential breeding ground for data risks. This equipment often contains sensitive data, and the lack of a specific plan for data erasure increases the risk of data loss.

Xperien CEO Wale Arewa emphasises the significance of companies focusing on equipment that is frequently out of sight – broken, end-of-life, and obsolete. “This equipment may present both risks and opportunities. The risks encompass potential data loss and the pilferage of HDDs containing sensitive information.”

“On the positive side, there are opportunities for financial governance through the recovery of residual value in the equipment and the potential to contribute to social projects using used IT assets.”

Outdated IT assets quietly accumulate in storage, often overlooked, presenting unique challenges and potential costs. Aged assets, including PCs, monitors, and other IT equipment, can have a substantial financial impact on businesses.

Arewa encourages company executives responsible for IT asset management to comprehend the principles of IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) through an ESG lens. This understanding should encompass regulatory compliance, protection of company information, and adherence to legislative requirements.

He underscores the importance of considering data protection and compliance with laws such as the Protection of Personal Information Act 2013 (PoPI 2013), the National Environmental Waste Management Act 2008 (NEMWA 2008), and the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (CPA).

The influx of new technology results in a corresponding increase in decommissioned IT assets, leading to a fragmented approach to refreshing old assets. This can range from auctions and staff sales to scrapping storeroom-bound computers without proper consideration for data protection or the elimination of data from old computers.

To tackle these challenges, Arewa suggests that companies can offset the cost of a secure IT asset-disposition program by recognising its potential savings.

“Retire your technology assets wisely by engaging a third-party specialist with deep experience in secure IT asset disposition. This trusted partner can help articulate the secure-asset disposition plan’s return on investment to budget-minded superiors and provide comprehensive documentation of the disposal process, ensuring compliance with security regulations,” he advises.

As companies gear up for the influx of new equipment with the new financial budget, Xperien advocates commencing with a clean sheet, addressing data risks, and unlocking opportunities for financial governance and social projects through secure IT asset disposal with a focus on ESG principles.

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