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Xperien transforms IT Asset Disposition to drive sustainability

by Media Xpose

Xperien, a leading IT Asset Management (ITAM) company, revolutionises IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) with a focus on sustainability and responsible technology disposal. The company’s innovative approach aligns corporate IT infrastructure with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, making a significant impact on the industry.

“Xperien is committed to providing cutting-edge ITAD solutions that ensure compliance with environmental regulations while maximising the residual value of IT assets,” says Xperien CEO Wale Arewa.

Environmental stewardship lies at the heart of Xperien’s ITAD services. By optimising resources, promoting carbon sequestration, and embracing recycling, it enables corporations to meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 12 (responsible consumption) and 13 (climate action).

“Our goal is to extend the useful lifespan of corporate computers and promote a circular economy within the IT industry,” he explains. “By refurbishing IT assets, we reduce carbon footprints and eliminate the need for premature replacements or upgrades.”

Xperien ensures that end-of-life computers are properly recycled, recovering valuable materials and reducing the demand for mining activities. Hazardous waste, such as lithium batteries, is handled responsibly to mitigate environmental risks.

In addition to environmental impact, its ITAD solutions have significant social benefits. Through Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives, Xperien supports underprivileged communities with limited access to computing equipment. Refurbished computers, backed by a 12-month warranty, are donated to promote digital inclusivity and align with SDGs 4 (quality education) and 10 (reduce inequalities).

Arewa believes in empowering communities through technology. “By providing quality computers to disadvantaged groups, we contribute to bridging the digital divide and creating opportunities for education and growth.”

Governance is a cornerstone of Xperien’s ITAD services, ensuring transparency and data security. By implementing robust data erasure procedures, Xperien mitigates the risk of data loss and safeguards businesses from reputational damage.

“Our focus on governance includes comprehensive data destruction certificates and adherence to best practices. We aim to provide our clients with the peace of mind that their sensitive information is handled with the utmost care and diligence,” he adds.

Furthermore, Xperien helps organisations improve their Return On Investment (ROI) by recognising and quantifying the residual value of used IT assets.

“Many companies overlook the potential value inherent in their outdated IT assets,” says Arewa. “By realising this value, businesses can reduce their total cost of ownership or utilise it as trade-in values for future IT investments.”

Sustainability reporting has become a crucial aspect of corporate accountability. Xperien supports businesses by providing audited carbon sequestration data and comprehensive Scope 3 emissions reporting.

“Authenticity and accurate measurement are key in sustainability reporting. We are proud to offer our clients the necessary data and reporting capabilities to bolster their sustainability claims and combat ‘greenwashing’,” he concludes.

In addition to core ITAD services, Xperien offers a range of associated tasks, including packaging, secure logistics, remarketing, redeployment, onsite packing, collection, and bin rental. These comprehensive solutions ensure a seamless and sustainable disposal process for corporate IT assets.

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