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Annual Leadership Development for Women in Government & SOE’s Conference and Career Expo

by maurisha

“Women leaders of today are tenacious and diverse. They are mobilizing the global climate movement, pushing for social protections, addressing the COVID-19 crisis, and dismantling systemic racial discrimination. Around the world, women leaders improve lives and inspire a better future for all.

Yet, equality is still far off, and progress on women’s participation in decision-making is too slow. Too many people still believe men make natural and better leaders than women, too many institutions are set up to favour and propel men’s leadership, and funding for women’s campaigns and initiatives remain pitifully low. At the current rate of progress, it will take 130 years to reach gender equality in the highest positions of power.” – Women leaders we admire | UN Women – Headquarters

In light of the above the Annual Leadership Development for Women in Government & SOE’s Conference and Career Expo in Johannesburg is set to takeplace on 26, 27 & 28 July 2023 in Johannesburg. 

This annual platform continues to empower and promote women in their leadership journey with the help of notable women at various levels of leadership who will share their journey. Leadership development for women is very vital to ensuring a diverse and all-inclusive work space. With that in mind the conference aims to develop up and coming women in their chosen careers to ensure they benefit from mentorship opportunities with fellow women in Leadership.

This year the conference will conduct a half day Soweto Tour that all delegates will take part in. Key historical sites like Mandela House, Hector Pieterson Square and Walter Sisulu Square will be visited on the tour to give better insight and understanding into the rich historical background of Soweto and South Africa at large, lunch will be served at Sakhumzi Restaurant on Viilakazi Street.

Our initial research shows that some of the key talking points to be discussed include:


      • Inner self development for women in leadership

      • Mental Health : stress vs burnout

      • Working and living with disabled persons

      • Finances, personal debt and Investments. Pitfalls to avoid

      • Practical conflict management training

      • Personal branding as you build your legacy

      • Enterprise development opportunities

      • Negligence and misuse of state property, how to keep yourself accountable

      • Macro-economic impact of gender blind policies

    Click below link to view highlights from our Women Events :

    Women in Mining – https://youtu.be/tr3-DILOS8c

    Women in Engineering – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNg3aO_ThoE

    For more information contact Amrita On amrita@intelligencetransferc.co.za

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