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Converge Africa: Accelerating digital commerce in Africa

by maurisha

Accelerating digital commerce growth to enable thriving online businesses across Africa.

Converge Africa 2024, an evolution of the esteemed ECOM Africa event. Scheduled for April 22-24, 2024, in Cape Town, this premier gathering transcends traditional boundaries to explore the expansive realm of digital commerce.

Formerly focused solely on retail e-commerce, Converge Africa has broadened its scope to encompass a diverse array of digital commercial brands, including banking, fintech, insurance, and various businesses utilizing digital services to serve their customers. As we break conventional barriers, this event serves as a catalyst for pioneering innovative solutions and shaping the future of commerce in Africa and beyond.

Converge Africa 2024 presents a unique opportunity to delve into the future of digital commerce through thought-provoking conference tracks, expert insights, and industry-leading innovations. Attendees will explore key areas shaping the future of business in the digital landscape, including:

 Online Retail and E-commerce: Unveiling the latest trends, strategies, and technologies shaping the future of digital commerce, with a focus on enhancing customer experiences, optimizing platforms for increased conversions, and leveraging emerging technologies such as AI, AR/VR, and voice commerce.

 Cybersecurity in Digital Commerce: Addressing critical cybersecurity issues, understanding the latest threats, risk mitigation strategies, and best practices to safeguard businesses and customers in an interconnected world.

 Digital Marketing: Uncovering the latest trends and strategies to create impactful campaigns, reach target audiences, and drive customer engagement and loyalty through data-driven marketing, automation, and AI-powered solutions.

 Customer-Centric Strategies: Putting the customer at the center of digital commerce strategies, focusing on delivering exceptional experiences that drive satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy through intuitive online experiences, omnichannel engagement, and superior customer support.

Attendees can expect to meet and hear from:

  •  More than 100 expert speakers across a three-day event and five conference tracks from 22-24 April 2024
  • More than 50 exhibitors and more than 20 workshops focused on accelerating digital commerce across Africa
  • The list of attendees includes leaders in across African digital commerce ecosystem, including Massmart, Takealot, The Foschini Group, Google, Absa and more

The organisers, Vuka Group and Kinetic are committed to accelerating digital commerce growth to enable thriving online businesses in the region. Digital commerce has revolutionized the business landscape, providing unprecedented opportunities for economic growth, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

“Converge Africa, where visionaries, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders converge to explore how digital commerce is transforming the landscape of the continent,” remarked Terry Southam, Group Director: Retail at Vuka Group. “Join the conversation and discover how you can harness the power of digital commerce to drive sustainability and entrepreneurship in Africa.”

Discover more on the website, download the agenda and learn more about the different tracks, workshops, sponsors, speakers and exhibitors. The event takes place at the CTICC in Cape Town and runs from 22-24 April 2024. Registration is now open

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