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Mining Equipment Manufacturers of SA (MEMSA) is a member-based cluster, which among other activities is helping to drive innovation and competitiveness in the local mining equipment manufacturing industry through collaboration with a wide range of partners.  Together with the Mandela Mining Precinct, it aims to develop and facilitate technologies required to ensure the sustainability of the South African deep-level, hard-rock mining industry, which faces serious safety and productivity challenges as shafts move deeper underground, and lower grades of ore are mined. Members’ innovations extend to digital integration, incorporating new energy sources, and efficient mineral processing.

NEWS ANGLES: South African manufacturers face strong competition from multinational counterparts, with their seemingly limitless budgets for R&D which means that South Africa is no longer the leading centre for mining innovation…

  • This stems from the fact that historically, a demanding home market was a key driver of consistent innovation, backed up by generous funding from locally based mining houses.
  • Nevertheless, our local industry continues to make its mark locally, regionally and in selected global markets. This speaks to innovation and inventiveness in both product design and business operations.
  • In addition, MEMSA’S members responded well to the demands of the mining industry as a result of the commodity boom in 2022, despite the challenges of the national power crisis, global supply chain disruption and investor insecurity.
  • If Covid and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia have taught us anything, it’s the necessity for a local, secure and sustainable supply chain.

Local innovation to extend the life of mines…

  • MEMSA members are therefore continually rising to the challenge of finding local solutions for the local demand for new technologies which can transform safety, profitability and the life of mines; support environmental sustainability.
  • Such technology can expand the extent of South Africa’s mining reserves, in other words, economically recoverable ores.

Collaboration for survival

  • To forge ahead, collaboration is key and Mining Equipment Manufacturers of South Africa (MEMSA) is therefore hosting the first Mind Shift Conference in tandem with the second edition of its South African Innovation for Mining and Manufacturing Excellence Awards.
  • These initiatives will focus specifically on the mining supply chain and are aimed at driving innovation in the South African mining supply chain and growing competitiveness in the sector.
  • By creating awareness of mining solutions available right here in South Africa, and the capability of the local supply chain, the MEMSA conference and awards will contribute to local procurement, which in turn underpins the creation and retention of quality employment in the manufacturing industry.

Additional information on the conference…

The MEMSA Mind Shift conference will bring together a wide range of stakeholders from the supply chain,mining industry, research institutions, the skills sector and government.

Objectives of the conference:

  • Understand the opportunities and relevance of global trends in a regional context from a manufacturing perspective.
    • Sharing of information, insights and success stories relating to successful innovation and integration of digital technologies.
    • 4IR presents a unique opportunity for manufacturers, mines and data specialists to collaborate to develop mining solutions.
    • New technologies can transform safety, profitability and the life of mines; support environmental sustainability; and underpin quality decision making, communication and training.

Key areas to be covered at the conference?

We will draw on our innovation partners and guest speakers to explore key trends in innovation & the harnessing of 4IR technologies in design & manufacture for the SA mining industry, and key topics will include:

  • How can innovation be fostered?
  • The requirements for skills & change management?
  • Impact on employment?
  • Harnessing technology for sustainability?
  • Collaboration as a catalyst for innovation?

MEMSA Manufacturing Excellence Awards

  • The 2023 MEMSA Manufacturing Excellence Awards are themed around innovation and effective integration of digital technologies in customer service and manufacturing applications.

MEMSA Innovation for Mining Awards.

  • Entries are judged on the extent of innovation in the mining solution they offer, their expected impact on the mining industry, and the way they address the core challenges faced by the mining industry at present.

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