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MTN Group partners with Dooka to revolutionise corporate procurement in Africa

by Justin

MTN Group, Africa’s largest network operator, has signed a partnership agreement with Dooka, a new African Business-to-Business (B2B) marketplace.
This partnership represents a paradigm shift in corporate procurement by bringing the ease of consumer marketplace buying to corporations across Africa. This innovation will lead to equitable access, digital transparency and greater efficiency for MTN’s suppliers.
“Our new relationship with Dooka is hugely exciting and brings efficiencies to every level of the supply chain. It stands to transform the way businesses operate across Africa. I am extremely proud that MTN are the anchor partner with a truly African organisation and a solution which is built specifically for Africa,” said Dirk Karl, Executive and Chief Procurement Officer at MTN Group.
Dooka’s B2B marketplace opens a world of opportunities for local suppliers, who had previously been locked out from supplying larger businesses due to the challenges of digital connections and high barriers of entry. This marketplace enables them easier access to sell more goods and services to MTN as well as other African leading multinationals
“This is a chance to revolutionise the supply chain,” says Toby Sparrow, Dooka’s CEO. “Together with MTN, we can demonstrate to the world that the right tools enable corporations to create jobs, development and growth, through good procurement strategy. Dooka represents a new way to connect buyers and sellers across every industry. We are leveling the playing field so businesses large and small across Africa can transact as easily as if shopping at home and using the latest digital technologies.”

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